Is Your Pool Party Ready?

Pool Party

Is Your Pool Party Ready?

Is Your Pool Party Ready

Get your pool party ready in 6 Easy Steps

One of the greatest advantages of having a swimming pool is the friend and family gatherings and epic pool parties. It’s all about BBQ on the grill, pool games and making memories that no one will forget. The one thing that is sofetten overlooked is what pool supplies and maintenance is needed to prepare for such an event. But planning for your party should not include stressing about how your pool will look on the big day. We put together 6 east steps to put your mind at ease when preparing your pool. By following these pre-pool party prep steps, you’ll be ready with clear, sparkling blue water for everyone to envy.

3 Days Before Party

Brush Your Pool

Brush your pool three days before your party. This will remove any dirt or debris that may have formed on the sides and bottom of your pool. Be sure to brush while the pump is operating and to sweep slowly. Wax on, wax off. Start from the surface and work your way towards the main drain so the dirt is sucked up by the cleaner. If you have concrete surrounding your pool, now’s a good time to find the best way to clean concrete too. It’ll get rid of any old water marks and also ensure that no debris falls back into the pool after you’ve cleaned it.

Shock Your Pool

Be sure to shock your pool after you brush. Pool parties can cause an increased level of debris and more swimmer waste than usual. By adding the shock ahead of time, you are preparing your waters chemical levels to handle the strain of an onslaught of swimmers, divers and cannonballs.

2 Days Before Party

Check Filter Pressure

Check your filter pressure two days before your party. Your filter is the first line of defense against the countless shenanigans that a pool party will dish out. You will want to backwash and clean your filter as well, if needed.

Use Water Clarifier and Algae Eliminator

Be sure to add water clarifier and algae eliminator as well. This will ensure when guests enter your backyard, they will be greeted by crystal clear water. Using a water clarifier allows easier filtration of dirt and debris and removes anything that will create a cloud in the water. The algae eliminator will prevent any algae spores from forming before the party starts.

Day Before Party

Check Pool Water and Vacuum

Perform a pool water analysis and vacuum on the day before party. Test your pool water for chlorine and PH levels to make sure it is balanced. Add additional chemicals if needed. Then vacuum your pool and clean out the skimmer baskets.

Day of Party

One Last Check

Give your pool one last check on morning of party. Skim any debris that may have dropped in overnight and a quick check of the baskets. If you have any pool rules, post signs around the pool for everyone to see.

Sit Back and Relax

That’s it, you are good to go. Let the party commence and the fun begin. Using these easy steps before every party will ensure jealousy from your neighbors and a relaxing time by the water. So sit back and let the good times roll!

Do you use or have any additional tips or tricks that help get your pool party ready? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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