Is A Salt Water Chlorine Generator Better For Your Pool

Is A Salt Water Chlorine Generator Better For Your Pool

Is A Salt Water Chlorine Generator Better For Your Pool

Is A Salt Water Chlorine Generator Better For Your Pool

First lets start off with what is a Salt Water Chlorine Generator. Salt systems convert dissolved salt into just the right amount of chlorine that your pool needs resulting in cleaner and softer water for your pool. You get the same sanitization performance as manual chlorine addition. Pool owners can agree that keeping up on your pool’s chlorine can be a hassle when you have to store, handle, and manually add the chemicals to your pool over and over again. Good news is that there are some innovations like a Salt Water Chlorine Generator, also called a Salt Water Chlorinator, that can help maintain your pool for you.

How Does It Work

Advanced equipment like this adds automation to your normally manual maintenance schedule. A salt water chlorine generator is spliced into a pool’s plumbing system by plumbers in surrey bc or elsewhere. When activated, it will start adding salt to your pool water. As salt water moves through it is electrolytically converted to chlorine. The newly formed chlorine is then automatically pumped into your pool to sanitize your water. If you are worried about the salt taste, don’t be. There is not enough salt added for most humans to taste. There can also be other worries such as the saltwater corroding pipes and plumbing systems for the pool as well as the house. Visit if you are unsure of how this may affect your plumbing installation. Additionally, it’s urged to look into what piping and systems you need to effectively treat your pool without causing damage to internal systems. Customers can also look into the likes of plumbing insurance for leaks should they wish to plan for various emergencies or damage that your plumbing could sustain.

What Are The Benefits

There are numerous benefits when you use a Salt Water Chlorine Generator. The most obvious is how much clearer and cleaner your pool water looks. When it comes to physical benefits your pool water will feel softer and silkier. The soft water won’t dry out your skin. Nor will it irritate or turn your eyes red or your hair green. This more natural approach to chlorination also eliminates harsh chlorine odors and and leaves your pool feeling healthier. Since you won’t be hauling heavy buckets and jugs of harsh chemical chlorine the fear of spilling it is gone making it safer for you and your family. You also will save time as you won’t be constantly testing and adjusting your chemicals. With Salt Chlorination, sanitizing your pool happens automatically while you sit back and relax.

Where Are The Cost Savings

Since a Salt Water Chlorine Generator is automatic and more precise, you will cut your chlorine costs by 50% or more. As a continuous supply of fresh, natural chlorine is constantly circulated throughout your pool, you can expect to drastically cut your chlorine costs over time. Your testing kit supplies will last much longer since you will not be needing to test as frequently. You will get added fuel savings since the number of trips to the pool store has been reduced. I know you think to yourself that adding chlorine will be replaced by adding salt. The great thing about this system is that when the chlorine breaks down, it becomes salt again. Plus most salt water chlorine generators will indicate when more salt is needed on the unit. The last cost savings which I think is the most important, time. More specifically, your time! How much is your time worth? The amount of time you spend adding chlorine to your pool compounded over the year is drastically less. So the salt you added to the pool earlier is not consumed, it is continually recycled.

This is just another way to help lower the costs of owning and maintaining your swimming pool. If you have the option to have this installed on your pool, I recommend having it done. The long term benefits out weigh the first initial cost of the system. The cost for a salt system is mostly upfront for the system itself and installation, but you will see the ROI over time and it will eventually pay for itself. Prices do vary depending who is selling it and what brand it is. Multiple companies make, Hayward, Pentair, and Jandy just to name a few. So make sure you get a few quotes, especially if you are going to have it professionally installed.

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Enjoy your pool, and let us help you always keep it clear and swim ready!

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