My Dog Loves To Swim, Can My Swimming Pool Handle It?

My Dog Loves To Swim, Can My Swimming Pool Handle It?

My Dog Loves To Swim, Can My Swimming Pool Handle It?

My Dog Loves To Swim, Can My Swimming Pool Handle It?

For the most part dogs like to swim. But then there are also dogs that LOVE to swim, whether that be at the beach or in the garden pool. They often look like they’re having so much fun, it does make you wonder what it’s like from their point of view. Fortunately, with technological advances, owners can now use a collar camera to see what they see when they’re swimming. Some collar cameras might not be waterproof, so be sure to find something, like the GoPro, that is water-resistant. It must be interesting to see what everything looks like in their eyes. Anyway, many pool owners ask me questions about dogs and swimming pools all the time. Anywhere from are the chemicals safe for them, will their claws scratch the walls, or will their fur clog the filter? If you love to swim with your dog, once you’ve read my tips and have the right pool to do so, you might consider getting some pool toys for dogs to play with. Making sure you keep your dog engaged in the pool can stop obsessive pool behaviour, which can lead to problems. If you want to get some toys then PromoCodeWatch has pet discounts that you might want to look at. To make sure your pool is dog-safe, I’ve gathered some tips so you can enjoy swimming with your families furry best friend. Let’s take a look at a few common questions we get regarding pools and dogs.

What Type Of Pool Can My Dog Swim In?

Just going to start right off, any vinyl lined pool is definitely kicked out, for obvious reasons. Your dogs paws and claws can tear the liner or create small punctures, which can cause major leaking issues. Inground pools like fiberglass and concrete should not get damaged by your dog. Depending on the size of the dog, it would be good for large steps so Fido knows where he can get in/out of the pool.

My Dog Loves To Swim, Can My Swimming Pool Handle It? Image 2Will My Dogs Hair Destroy My Filter System?

I’ve heard a dog is equivalent to about 20 people in the pool at one time. Not too sure about this theory. Although their hair and dander is harder on a filter system, it is not known to cause serious damage if properly maintained. Now If you have a cartridge filter on your pool it may mean that you have to clean the filter element more frequently. If you have a sand filter, you may need to backwash more often as well. Keeping your pool properly chlorinated will help too. Using a chlorine generator, you can accomplish this with little to no effort, other than testing the water and adjusting the pH when necessary. Another way to maintain your filter system is to use a skimmer sock to catch dog hair so you can remove it from the pool before it goes through the system. This can help cut down on clogs and cleaning time of the filter. As always, it is important that your filter runs the required turnover. But let’s not forget the mess dogs can leave with wet hair. Because water makes hair clump, you can also get larger chunks of dog hair all around the house. This can make it easier to clean up but sometimes more difficult as well. This is why some people decide to take advantage of a roomba. But what is the best roomba for pet hair? has some useful reviews that can help you choose the right roomba for your home and dog so hopefully, you don’t find as many hairs around the house nor the pool!

Are There Chemicals I Should Avoid If My Dog Loves To Swim?

When it comes to chemicals, just like with humans everything is in moderation. There is no definite warnings out there specifically for dogs, but if you wouldn’t swim in your pool I wouldn’t let your animals. There is no right answer as there hasn’t been many studies on this in the pool industry. Though when it comes to less chemicals and healthier water, customers that have used salt pools to avoid any harm for their family as whole for that matter. Due to the fact that many allow their animals to swim in the pool, we’ve seen that salt chlorine generators work very well with dogs. They produce a low level of natural chlorine, the chemicals aren’t harsh and the salt is easy on the skin for both humans and dogs.

I hope these few issues I covered help you dog lovers to help maintain your pool. Dogs are important members of the family and love to be part of the group. With these tips, you can make pool time fun for everybody, even those with four legs and wet fur. Be sure to comment and share any pictures of your families best friends jumping or swimming in your pool!

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Enjoy your pool, and let us help you always keep it clear and swim ready!

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