Deciding whether or not to install a pool in your home is a big deal. You have to think everything through and weigh up the pros and cons. You need to know how much it’s going to cost as well as how much effort you need to put into maintaining it. Most people think maintaining a pool is as simple as keeping the chlorine levels correct but you also need to contact a pool resurfacing miami company every now and then, keep the filters working, and get all the debris that falls in, out. So, as long as you know all of this and still want to proceed, then you are ready to discuss installation.

To have one of our pool care professionals help with the installation of any of these products, give us a call at 623-939-1346. All of our pool care professionals at Pool Supply Warehouse are certified employees or trusted approved contractors. We will be happy to help you with all your installation needs and any safety inspections!

Please note that the installation charge includes standard labor and materials. For additional parts or labor, some additional charges may apply. Your Pool Supply Warehouse pool care professional will be sure to inform you of any potential charges.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Don’t waste time vacuuming and sweeping your pool, spend time enjoying it. Pool Supply Warehouse can install an automatic pool cleaner that will do all the hard work for you and keep your pool looking blue. We can install both suction and pressure cleaners. We can also install a booster pump for extra power.

Suction-Side Cleaners attach to the suction side of the pool’s plumbing as water is drawn out to be filtered. The cleaner uses the suction pressure to move around the pool’s bottom and walls.

Pressure-Side Cleaners work with the pressure side of the pool’s plumbing as clean water is pushed back into the pool. The cleaner uses the pressure to move around the pool’s bottom and walls, which can reduce wear and tear on the pump’s filtration system.

Robotic-Cleaners are becoming very popular and are the most convenient. You simply plug it in, drop it in the pool, and turn it on. The cleaner moves along the bottom of the pool and climbs the walls.


A chlorinator automatically dispenses chlorine from tabs or sticks directly into the plumbing of your pool. Chlorinators are perfect for most pools and work with the system’s recirculation pump. These efficient dispensers provide a durable and corrosion-proof means of automatically maintaining proper chemical levels. It offers an extra safety measure by preventing children from touching chlorine tabs floating in pool skimmers.


Maintaining properly working filters is absolutely essential to keep your pool clean. Pool filters remove contaminants, dirt and debris from the pool water. Filters should be ran a full cycle every day. During the summer, they should be ran up to 10-12 hours. Skimmers and vacuums trap the larger debris, but a pool filter will eliminate everything else like bacteria and waste. There are numerous different types of pool filters. The most common filters are the Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), high-rate sand, and cartridge filters. Each one uses a different method of removing debris from your pool and are available at Pool Supply Warehouse. If you have exposed pipes by your pool, you may want to cover them up, either for aesthetic reasons or for health reasons in case someone accidentally trips. Finding out how to hide exposed pipes on websites such as will be able to help you with this need.


Keeping your pump in perfect condition is one of the most important steps in maintaining a clean and healthy pool. The pump is in charge of circulating water throughout the skimmer and the filtration system in order to keep your water clean and clear. Without a properly operating pump, your pool water will start to form algae, bacteria, and debris. A good pump should run quietly and efficiently circulating the water without any disruption or difficulty.

Winter and Solar Covers

Don’t let your pool fall victim to outside elements. Pool Supply Warehouse can install a pool cover that will keep your pool safe and clean during times of non-use. We can install winter and solar covers. They are easy to set up and require very little maintenance. Solar Covers are the best way to heat your pool and extend your swimming season. Solar covers are designed to preserve the natural heat of the sun and can extend your season several weeks compared to a non-covered pool. Solar Covers are perfect for any pool and climate, and can be utilized individually or in conjunction with other types of pool heaters. Solar Covers heat your pool in 2 phases: first by absorbing solar energy to heat the pool, and then by retaining the heat to keep the water warmer longer. They are comprised of high-quality, low-density polyethylene that features strong seams and prevent UV damage. Pool Supply Warehouse offers durable, high-quality Solar Covers for both in-ground and above-ground pools available in all shapes and sizes. When buying a Solar Cover, we highly recommend purchasing a Solar Reel as well. Solar reels help to install and remove the cover from the pool, and provide a safe method of storing the cover.

Spa Blower

If your spa isn’t providing the normal relaxing experience you want, it is possible that the blower needs to be replaced. Pool Supply Warehouses will replace your spa blower and restore your spa experience.

Time Clock

You can save time and money by installing a time clock on your circulation system. You can set your pump to run at the right speed to keep your water clear and for the right amount of time to save on energy costs. We can also help you replace your existing time clock with an updated model.

Note: You must have an existing electrical circuit for your pool pump for us to install a time clock. We cannot add or replace an electrical circuit.

Handrails And Slides

A ladder or handrail can enrich the look and safety of your pool. A new slide can turn your backyard into an exciting retreat for friends and family.

Gas Heaters & Heat Pump Motors

Heaters are a great way to quickly heat your water, and allow you to enjoy your pool after the end of swimming season. Ideal for in-ground pools in every type of climate, heaters are designed to extend the season into the early spring and late fall by keeping your water at a comfortable swimming temperature.

Gas Heaters run on either propane or natural gas, depending on the model, and run at up to 80-95% energy efficiency. Gas Heaters are some of the most effective heaters on the market. Gas Heaters are designed to raise the temperature of a pool up to the perfect range, between 78 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Most Gas Heaters are capable of increasing the water temperature 30 degrees or more. Pools come in all shapes and sizes, so the heat needed for each pool can vary to reach comfortable temperatures. Our Gas Heaters range from 125K BTUs for small pools, up to 400K BTUs for large pools. All of the Gas Heaters that Pool Supply Warehouse offers proudly meet or exceed Low NOx Emissions Requirements, meaning you are getting the most advanced, eco-friendly heaters available that will keep your pool and your family safe and healthy.

Heat-Pump Motors work by gathering warm air around the pool, compressing and heating it, and using that hot air to heat the pool. Heat Pumps are designed to raise the temperature of a pool up to the perfect range, between 78 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit. But because they work by taking in air that is already warm, they work best in humid areas where the temperature stays above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The Heat Pumps that Pool Supply Warehouse offers range from 50K BTUs for smaller pools, up to 135K BTUs for larger pools.

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