What You Should Know About A Swimming Pool Solar Cover

A blue tarp covering the ground of a swimming pool.

What You Should Know About A Swimming Pool Solar Cover

What You Should Know About A Swimming Pool Solar Cover

Solar panels for your roof are now widely used in all areas, from London to ipswich, but not many people know about the potential of solar swimming pool covers. A Swimming Pool Solar Cover is a pools best friend! A swimming pool solar cover is a thin plastic blanket that floats on a pool’s water surface and has the appearance of bubble wrap. The purpose of a swimming pool solar cover, also called a solar blanket, is to allow the maximum amount of the sun’s rays to penetrate to the greatest depths of your pool. A Swimming Pool Solar Cover has been shown to be the most effective method for providing passive solar heating in your pool. When placing this swimming pool solar cover on your pool, make sure it is placed bubble-side down, ensuring the cover will heat your pool effectively. You may or may not already realize the importance of owning this must have pool accessory. Either way, let’s breakdown the what’s and how’s about swimming pool solar covers.

What is It Made Of?A blue tarp covering the ground of a swimming pool.

It is usually made from a durable resin material. It’s constructed with thousands of small air bubbles to capture and transmit heat from the sun to your swimming pool. Typically they come available in navy blue, black, and forest green colors and are cut to conform to the shape of your pool.

How Long Do They Last?

Typically swimming pool solar covers do not last very long at all, especially the cheaper ones. Over time, your solar cover will slowly deteriorate. Most solar covers last for up to three years, though many people replace them more frequently. I would say on average through normal wear and tear, it lasts about 1-3 seasons at the most. It really depends on a number of factors such as amount of use, how its stored, etc. You will need to replace your solar cover when it begins to flake and when bubbles begin to fall off of it.

Will It Work On Any Pool?A blue tarp covering the ground of a swimming pool.

In my experience swimming pool solar covers usually work very well. You simply measure the size of your pool and purchase it as a square. You then place it on your pool, let it form fit for about a day or two, then take scissors and trim it to fit your pools exact shape. In most cases, they will warm the pool water temperature 4-8 degrees, help prevent pool water evaporation, and reduce heat loss at night or on cloudy days. They make a huge difference in terms of the comfort level of the water temperature.

How much do they cost?

I have seen anywhere from $50 to $250. Obviously this price varies based on the quality of the cover, thickness, and the size of your pool. They are usually priced by square feet and can be pre-packed sizes or cut to exact length off of a large wheel.

Do They Keep Out Debris Like A Winter Cover?

Unlike the traditional thick durable pool cover, solar covers only work to some degree on keeping out undesired dirt and debris from your pool. I would not suggest buying one with the idea that it will greatly lessen maintenance time.

How Do I Maintain My Solar Cover?

You can increase the life of your solar blanket by following a few simple rules. Make sure you keep a chemically balanced swimming pool. Remove the solar cover when you shock the pool, and leave it off for 2-3 days after any chemical treatment. Use a cover cleaner and deodorizer on a regular basis. When not in use, keep your solar cover out of the sun. UV rays can cause a solar blanket to lose much of it’s flexibility, and it will quickly become brittle if in direct sun every day.

So there’s your intro to swimming pool solar covers. Hopefully this has given you some new information to think about if you were deciding on whether to purchase one or not. If you have any questions about your pool or in need of service give us a call at 623-939-1346. You can also come visit us at our retail store and one of our pool care professionals will be happy to help!

Enjoy your pool, and let us help you always keep it clear and swim ready!

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